Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Little Pony.... CoCo...

Today my Mom took Ellyot to Build-A-Bear because Ellyot had been such a big girl for sleeping in her Big Girls bed with NO pipes all week!
Can you guess what Ellyot named her pony? Yep... CoCo! Who would have thought :)

Stuffing her pony

Kissing CoCo's heart

Putting the heart in her Pony

Giving CoCo a bath

Picking out clothes

Filling out CoCo's birth certificate

Thank you MeMe! I had so much fun with you! I love you so much!
Love, Ellyot

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I had an appointment and an ultrasound last week Tuesday. Everything on the ultrasound looked great! My cervix still looked like it was at a good length and the babies kidneys look good as well! They did take measurements.... we are measuring one week ahead (we have been the whole time) Although, his head is measuring 2 weeks ahead.... thanks to his dad! He is weighing in at 4lbs. 13oz. 80th percentile! I did have another FFn test done and that came back negative! BUT... I am dialated to a 1 almost a 2. Hopefully we will hang in there a few more weeks!
We are thankful and praise God for a good report!

Welcome to the family CoCo!

Yes, CoCo is the name Ellyot gave her baby brother but it is also the name she gave her new fish. This week she traded her pipes (all 8 of them) for a fish!

Big Girls Bed!

First night in her Big Girls Bed!

Being Silly

Florida 2011

My parents took the family to Vero Beach for a week! It was so much fun! We had such a great time and made lots of memories! Even though I couldn't do much it was so fun for us to spend some quality time with just Ellyot before the baby is born. Thank you Mom and Dad for everything!

The pirate ship

Our view of the pool everyday.

Ellyot and Rochelle looking for treasures before the pool would open.

The 3 story high slide!

El went down the slide 3 times all by herself! She was so brave!

Ellyot LOVED swimming! She swam ALL day long except for nap time. She did so good! She swam all the way across the pool by herself!

Reading with Dad.

She had fun playing in the playground too.

Playing with Meem.

Winners of the slide races.... Dad-1st Ryan-2nd Jer-3rd

Ellyot giving Riley a hug. She had so much fun playing with her cousins all week!

Riley taking a nap on MeMe.

Happy 2nd Birthday Ellyot

For El's party we did a Veggie Tales theme. Ellyot LOVES Veggie Tales. Especially Bob and Larry! It was so much fun!

We gave Ellyot her headphones to use on the way to Florida the night before her birthday.

We are so thankful that everyone could make it to El's party, but we were especially thankful that Grandpa Mast was able to come. He had been in the hospital with TIAs (mini strokes) and was not able to get out of the house.

Valentines Day

The roses Jer gave me.

A rose from her Dad. She LOVED it!

We love you Jer!
Thanks for being the Husband and Dad that you are! We are so blessed and thankful for you!