Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Catching up....

I think this will catch us up...a little....

Christmas PJ's

While Ellyot was going potty the triplets wanted to join Ellyot. All I could hear was giggles. I went to check on them and I walked into a bathroom filled with toilet paper. They thought it was pretty funny! :)

Nyhof Party

Santa aka Eric and Grandma

Brekon's 1st Christmas

Grandpa and Grandma Genzink

SillY Uncle Jamison and the Kreuze Party

Live Nativity and the Critter Barn

Grandpa and Grandma Mast

Coffee with MeMe and Aunt Shari (notice the hands, she has to be just like Aunt Shari)

Tackles with Dad

Ellyot's New Bedroom.... kinda weird having my daughter sleep in my old room.... one night when Jer was sick I slept with El, even WEIRDER sleeping with my daughter in my old bedroom... NEVER thought that would happen.

Our Best Buddies (minus Brekon) - the Mobergs

Ellyot REALLY is a BIG helper! She LOVES her Brother.