Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Little Helper

Thursday morning we finally got around to spreading our bark that has been sitting in our driveway for a week and a half. Ellyot wanted to help her daddy push the wheelbarrow full of bark and then she would help me (with her own rake) rake the bark in place. She really enjoys helping us and she is a big help too. She is growing up WAY to fast.

When we say "Ellyot, smile BIG" she used give us her biggest, cheesiest smile. Now, for some reason, she puts her finger in her mouth. So... this is Ellyot smiling big! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We are loving Summer!

This weekend we went up to the cottage for Memorial Day. Ellyot rode the Seadoo for the first time. She had so much fun! Jer said that she kept saying "more... more..." She also had fun playing in the big "pool".

Ellyot loves swimming in her giraffe pool. She is not scared at all! This night she wanted to swim on her back and put her head in the water.

Eating "cream" ... Elllyot loves to eat Ice Cream!

First pony tail!