Saturday, October 30, 2010


This week Thursday we heard a new precious little heartbeat. Ellyot is going to be a BIG SISTER this May! The babies heartbeat was in the 160's and everything looked great.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surgery and more surgery

Ellyot had to have a bump removed off the back of her head. It was a minor surgery but it was still scary! Everything turned out great and her bump was a benign cyst. Poppy even came to bring El donuts. Spoiled little girl! She was spoiled by more people later on. You would have thought it was her birthday! She got so many great gifts for being such a big girl with her surgery.

Ellyot's smile (she was medicated at this time) Haha! LOL!!!

After surgery, reading Curious George.

Exactly ONE week later we were back for another surgery. Jeremy had to have emergency Gall Bladder surgery.

After surgery feeling 10 times better already!

We are so thankful that both surgeries went really well. Ellyot and Jeremy are doing great! It was a crazy 2 weeks though.